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There would be no March of Independence if not for the hundreds of people who support us financially. Many marchers do not realize the great financial cost of this effort we bear. When organizing such a large public gathering, we are expected not only by law, but also by the participants to organize the march in the best possible way in terms of: safety, promotion, setting, information management, sound system including such basic necessities as providing for sanitary needs and cleanliness at the National Stadium. It all requires a huge investment. That is why we would like to thank all benefactors for their support and trust.

Nevertheless we go beyond organizing the November 11 March of Independence:

The portal was created in response to the spread of censorship on social networks. Removal of the main profiles of our March of Independece from Facebook risked loosing contact with participants. We could not ask for support of our activities and defend ourselves from media attacks at the same time. So we were forced to create a Portal and a Television. Today these grow young activists with an increasing influence on the attitude of Polish Society. The annual cost of maintaining the portal is about PLN 100,000. TV is one of the largest grassroots Internet TV stations with over a hundred thousand subscribers. The editors Anna Mandrela, Michał Murgrabia, Damian Kita, Mariusz Piotrowski are constantly trying to serve the country by conducting many interesting interviews and reporting on the most important events in Poland. The cost of maintaining television is over PLN 250,000 a year.

The Petition Portal – a portal for collecting signatures, which has three tasks. First, to pressure the government with petitions. Second, to ensure that issues important to Poland are not forgotten. Third, to enable the creation of a mailing database for the independence community, with which we will be able to mobilize people to act for the benefit of the Republic of Poland. The cost of maintaining the portal and the mailing system is around PLN 76,000 per year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you can see, we work for our homeland all year round. We treat our work as a duty to constantly look for new challenges in the fields of independence. Thanks to your support, we can pursue new initiatives – one of them, the #NieDlaRoszczeń [#NoToClaims] campaign, turned out to be a great success for our organization. There would be no such great initiatives if it were not for your constant contributions. In this way, you have become a part of our team and on his behalf I would like to thank you for every standing order, for every single payment. May God protect you.

Robert Bąkiewicz
President of the Association

Thanks to your support, we publish the portal, as well as an Internet TV, since 2017, which you can watch at