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Our organization, unlike liberal organizations, is increasingly limited by foreign social networks. Hundreds of national pages have already been removed, and the page of the legally registered editorial office of the Media Narodowe is removed automatically by Facebook administrators. The reach of the pages we administer is also shortened. This means that our content reaches half the number of recipients than in previous years. For this reason, we would like to encourage you to subscribe to the electronic message system, thanks to which we will be able to contact you and remind you of our activities through electronic correspondence.


What is the subject of the lists of the e-mail system of the March of Independence Association?

  • Bulletin of the March of Independence Association allows you to follow the preparations for the March of Independence and the March of the Warsaw Uprising. We will send you the latest information, graphics and promotional videos that you will be able to share first. We will also be able to mobilize you to act in the event of threats to the organization of the March.
  • Media Narodowe is a media title legally registered by us, the editors of which run a website and Internet TV. By subscribing to the Media Narodowe list, you will receive the National Weekly Review with the most important information once a week.